Tom Green(sagers)



DesignBridge Student Awards 2016: Win Us Over1 of 3 shortlisted entries behind the winner and runner up. "What story can you tell us to ‘win us over’ to your point of view? Create a design solution, or series of, for something that you care about to inspire, amuse or even shock us. Make us sit up and take notice and execute it beautifully."

Creative Idea:

My search for finding a topic I cared passionately enough lead me to sift through various news articles. I came to the conclusion that newspapers whether in print or online, talk some absolute bollocks. I though that perhaps one of the reasons they get away with it is that it is hidden within the context of a news story.

I decided to create a shit newspaper that takes the piss out of shit newspapers by looking at the shit that newspapers say. The newspaper would utilise the visual cues of a traditional newspaper to expose these pieces of bullshit whilst keeping the reader entertained with some verbal bollocks of its own.

Shitnewspaperssay is filled with ‘Easter eggs’ i.e. subtle jokes hidden throughout the newspaper. The idea being that much like a traditional newspaper, you really have to seek out the bullshit.

Bullshit news stories from The Daily Mash

Illustrations from Super-Freak (aka Daniel Whitehouse)