Tom Green(sagers)


Enabling Devices to Recognise scent

Imagine that your smartphone could identify, recognize and analyze scent as easily as it takes a photo.

Following in the footsteps of voice and facial recognition services such as Amazon Alexa and Siri, Nanoscent aims to connect businesses with scent recognition technology.

Making sense of scent

One of the key shifts we made was to refer to what Nanoscent offered as ‘Scent recognition technology’ as opposed to ‘Smell detection’, and in the process, moving from being potentially misunderstood as a producer of smells to being aligned with cutting edge voice and facial recognition services like Siri and Amazon Alexa.

Bringing it to life

This went on to define our tone of voice and became a springboard for how we told Nanoscent’s story as being ‘the first to realize the power of scent recognition.’

Getting people excited about the technology became the basis of our visual language; it needed to inspire people to create exciting new products and services using scent recognition technology that would in turn, lead to it becoming a part of our everyday lives.

Introducing Nanoscent to the world

Introducing their technology and new brand to the world at this year’s CES conference in Las Vegas, Nanoscent went on to capture the imagination of the tech-startup world, going on to be featured in a number of publications, including the Financial Times. They also appeared on Israeli national television.

“We have seen voice and face recognition flourish. Now Nanoscent Labs, a startup based in Israel, is developing smell recognition, using a new form of chip developed with the Technion Institute of Technology.”

 Financial Times

“You guys brought our story to life in a fun, creative and inspiring way. The reaction we had at CES was incredible. We are now in a position to pick who we work with. Now I’m not saying it’s all your work, but you guys rock… F**king amazing.”

 Oren Gavriely, CEO Nanoscent